Market Lavington Museum

The church bells before 1876

The six bells in the tower of St Mary’s church in Market Lavington were recast in 1876. The bells had all been inscribed with information about their original dates of casting, mostly in the 1600s. At the museum, we have a copy of the wording on each bell.

The bells are listed in order of size. The treble bell has the highest pitch and the tenor is the lowest.

The treble bell dated from 1656 and had the name William Sainsbury on it and the initials WP, MB and IS.

The second bell dated from 30th July 1611 and had the initials IW.

The third bell was more recent, dating from 1726. It had no initials, but the words ‘Peace and good neighbourhood’ inscribed on it.

The fourth bell had a great deal of writing on it – ‘Clement Tozer cast me in 1680 an Frances Merewether IT, IC. John Tucker, Roger Laesse, Edward Filkes, Churchwardens of Market Lavington.

The fifth bell was cast on the same day as the second and has the same IW initials.

The big tenor bell was cast in 1715. By then the churchwardens were Hen. Jackson, Richd Townsend and W M Sloper. This bell was cast by the bell founder Abr. Rudhall of Gloucester.