Market Lavington Museum

The Co-op in 1927

The Co-operative movement is often said to have started in Rochdale Lancashire in 1844. In fact the ideas date back many years, even centuries before that, but the Rochdale Principles became the guiding lights for subsequent retail co-ops – notably that shoppers got a dividend by shopping.

In Market Lavington the co-op was the Devizes C0-operative Society Ltd. They and the more national successors  have occupied the current Co-op premises for 100 years or so.

The Co-op shop in 1927 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Our picture dates from 1927. Perhaps someone could let us know who the worker was.

Can you identify this shop worker?

The adverts include those for ‘Pelaw Polish’ – both metal polish and boot polish.

Adverts for Co-op products

Pelaw is an area of Gateshead where Co-op products were manufactured. The area of Pelaw really owes its existence to Co-op factories which made a huge range of consumer products for Co-operative stores throughout Britain.