Market Lavington Museum

The Congregational Ladies in 1913

Times change. We still have some organisations for men and women separately, but far fewer than was once the case. This must, in part, be due to the more equal status attached to the two genders. There are now far fewer events and organisations barred to women simply because they are female.

Back before the First World War, the Congregational Church in Market Lavington had a club for women only. It looks as though they may have allowed children, whether boys or girls, and perhaps a photographer – almost certainly male, was permitted in to take an image.

Market Lavington Congregational Church ladies in 1913

Sadly, we have no names for this fine collection of ladies. Amongst families we know were prominent in the Congregational Church were the Pikes and the Hopkins.

Do get in touch if you can tell us any more about the people in this photo.