Market Lavington Museum

The end for Grove Farm’s chimney

Gosh, how ‘health and safety’ seems to have changed the way people work. Surely this would not be deemed to be a safe working practice these days. And yet this was not all that many years ago. What we see today are a couple of workmen demolishing the chimney as Grove Farm House was demolished.

The end of the chimney stack at Grove Farm, Market Lavington

The end for the chimney stack at Grove Farm, Market Lavington

Our two chaps are perched precariously in the bucket of a digger. There are clearly no hard hats or safety harnesses. It is not clear to us whether the bucket is being used to push the chimney over or if the men in the bucket are doing hand work on the stack.

In the background we can see Lavington Hill.

This interesting capture of a moment in time was given to the museum, some ten years ago by a Mrs Williams of Stourport on Severn.

We’d be delighted to hear more from her. Perhaps she has other tales or images of our area.