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The fire brigade

It is always good if photos are well captioned but sometimes thay just aren’t. Actually, this blog can be extremely useful in getting people named. We have a large number of regular viewers who keep in touch and put us right.

So today we’ll feature an uncaptioned photo of the fire brigade.

Market Lavington Fire Brigade posing outside beech House

Market Lavington Fire Brigade posing outside Beech House

We are not sure of the date of this photo but the appliance, almost totally hidden behind the men, is the one put together locally in the early 1930s. Reg Milsom did the work of converting the chassis to be a fire engine. This appliance was certainly still in use at the start of World War II.

The equipment trailer on the back looks more modern.

The location for the photo is very clear. This is outside Beech House on White Street so our firemen are, more or less, looking at Broadwell.

We’d like to date the photo and name the men, so lets see them in groups and enlarged.





If you can help identify then leave a comment on this blog or contact us by email.