Market Lavington Museum

The Fire Station Bureau

A very recent arrival at Market Lavington Museum is a small, rather ordinary little bureau. It’s an ordinary item made special by its history. This is an item which was once used as the desk in the Market Lavington Fire Station.

Many people will not be aware there was such a fire station, but in fact, at one time both Market Lavington and Easterton each had their own fire engines, ready to serve (at a cost) the people of the villages.

Market Lavington progressed from a towed fire engine with a steam powered pump to a proper lorry style fire engine in the 1930s. You can click here to read Marjorie Milsom’s account of how her father came to build the first proper fire engine in the village.

Like the old towed vehicle, the new one was kept in the Market Place although the location for the station moved further back, behind the Co-op. Perhaps the small bureau arrived at that time – paper work had to be done and this item gave a chance to have somewhere to write and to store paper work. The glass-doored front, below the desk, allowed any trophies won by the brigade to be displayed.

When the station closed (about 1960, we think), the chief fireman, Alfie Burt rescued the little bureau. For the last 50 years the item was with the Burt family, handed down from father to son. Now it has been given to the museum where it can serve something like its old purpose. We have paper work in the desk – all items connected with the fire service in Market Lavington and Easterton.

Other museum artefacts are displayed in the glass-fronted section.

Bureau which once was the office desk at the Fire Station in Market Lavington

What a lovely little item this is – and for the first time for many a year, the old Market and Easterton Fire Brigades are remembered at the museum