Market Lavington Museum

The Grove area in about 1933

The Grove in about 1933 - a postcard at Market Lavington Museum

This area of Market Lavington looks completely different in 2011 from the way it looked some 80 years earlier. We think the picture was taken from the bottom of Canada Woods, perhaps roughly where the close called Beechwood stands today. A lady, walking her dog stands on the little footbridge and surveys what was then a pastoral scene.

Surveying the pastoral scene

These days the lady might have been on Grove Road and looking across Roman Way and Saxon Close.

There are some buildings in the background  of this Burgess Brothers postcard to fix the location. St Mary’s Church stands on its knoll near the right edge of the image.

St Mary's Church

Further to the left we can see three larger buildings on Parsonage Lane.

The Old House

Here we have The Old House…

Parsonage Lane Barn

…and the Parsonage Lane Barn.

The Racquets Court

At the extreme left hand corner we can see the Racquets Court.

Now, the modern view which as near as possible matches the postcard. The top of the church tower is the only point of reference that remains visible as we look across Grove Road, Roman Way and Saxon Close.

March 2011 - an attempt to match the 1930s view.