Market Lavington Museum

The Grove, Market Lavington

Market Lavington is very lucky to have rural areas close to the centre of the village. The Grove Farm estate may have been built in the 1980s and 90s, but even so, it is but a short step to sections along the old Grove, which are still laced with rural charm.

The Grove, Market Lavington - about 1908

This photo in Market Lavington Museum dates from just over 100 years ago – it was posted in 1908. It shows the bridge across the Northbrook Stream. The caption on the postcard is a bit fanciful in describing this footpath as ‘The Road to the Manor House’.

The scene, today, is amazingly similar.

The Grove, Market Lavington in 2008

The footbridge is still in the same place – although replaced. The path still leads away, towards the Manor House, as it did when King Edward 7th was on the throne.

It is still a popular walk – and very possible to combine it with a visit to the museum which is found behind the church.