Market Lavington Museum

The Hawthorns

The Hawthorns is a 19th century house of unconventional appearance situated on King’s Road in the strip of land called Fiddington.

The Hawthorns in the 1930s - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This photo shows the appearance of the house in the 1930s with its distinctive S S brick motif above the door.

Samuel Saunders' initials in the brickwork above the door

S S stands for the first owner – the man who had this house built. He was Samuel Saunders, one of the family of Amram Saunders and his wife, Mary Box. Many of this family became leaders of people, both locally and around the world. Samuel set up the first known fruit farm in the area along with a preservation plant which could be said to have been the forerunner of the Easterton jam factory.

A more recent resident of The Hawthorns  produced a lovely history of the house and its occupants, A copy of this history is available at Market Lavington Museum.

Who knows, you might find the Spenceleys (the author of the book and his wife) on duty as stewards at the museum when you visit. But that visit will now need to be delayed until 2011 for the museum is closed during the winter months. However, our curator will do his best to open the museum if anyone contacts him on .