Market Lavington Museum

The Heel Glove

Some strange items can end up in a museum. Today we feature ‘The Heel Glove’, a ladies’ shoe protector when driving.

At Market Lavington Museum we have many objects linked to the shoe business. At one time many shoe makers and repairers lived and worked in the parish with the last being Ken Mundy who gave up in the 1980s.

The Heel Glove was designed to protect heels from wear and tear when driving a car. These days, driving shoes can have a continuation of  heel and sole material around the back to offer protection

The Heel Glove - an item at Market Lavington Museum

Our protectors were priced at 4/11 a pair which means they must have been on sale before 1971 when decimal currency came in. Perhaps they date from the era of the stiletto heel – the 1950s

Presumably these items never caught on.  One wonders how many ever sold. Our heel protectors may have sold, but they have never been opened or used.

Can anybody provide any further information?