Market Lavington Museum

The Jubilee Beacon

Market Lavington was never destined to have a big beacon for this Diamond Jubilee, but nonetheless, the scouts were determined to pay homage to our long serving sovereign with a beacon on Lavington Hill. The site chosen was below the summit, near the reservoir. These pictures for posterity were actually taken from Northbrook – well over a kilometre away as the light from a beacon travels. Please forgive the quality of photos taken from that far away and at night!

10.06pm – the beacon is alight.

To the left of the beacon, and above the plain there is a big orange glow. Is there another, bigger beacon there?

No! It is a quite magnificent moonrise.

Changing a camera setting enabled a sharp(ish) picture of the moon to be taken with the trees on top of the downs still masking the bottom.

There’s the moon.

From this viewpoint it completely outshone the beacon, which is on the right.

Here’s a wider view, with moon, beacon, some village buildings and the ever-present red light on the radio mast.

There were fireworks to mark the event too. This photo was taken at 10.15pm.