Market Lavington Museum

The Museum Miscellany

This is a hard one to write, as the author here was also the main speaker at this event.

Some 70 people came to the Community Hall to enjoy an evening, which appeared to be well received. In fact, it seemed to be very well received. We are not accustomed to being showered with hugs and kisses from the good folk of Lavington and beyond!

One of the particular joys of the evening was hearing Peggy Gye talking about Broadwell. Peggy, as many know, died earlier this year, but as part of the Museum’s oral history project we had tapes of Peggy and one of these was used to provide a commentary about life at the village’s traditional and historic water supply.

It was good to see the audience smile at the sound of her voice with iys local accent and sparkly humour.

‘It was just like she was in the room talking to us again’ was the comment of one long time resident.

The ballad of Sam Rumble, a folk song about Sam who drove traction engines for the Box family, first in Market Lavington and later in Liverpool was also much appreciated and made a grand finale.

The Community Choir, who sang three numbers came as a revelation to those who hadn’t come across them before. My personal delight was to hear the 1750 John Smith of Market Lavington Hallelujah Chorus. It was beautifully sung and got a call for an encore but time was against it. Maybe another time! We hope the singing has been caught on video. Can we thank Jo enormously for organising and enthusing the Community Choir and supporting us.

It wasn’t possible to take photos during the event, but beforehand, as things were set up we could see the Wiltshire County stand, organised by Tim and Helen. We do thank them very much for their support.

The Museum Service stand at Market Lavington Museum's Silver Jubilee event

These professional museum workers enjoyed the evening and their support for the museum is as fantastic as ever.

During the interval, Museum Nibbles were on offer – items made from recipe books in the museum. There were two tables and when photographed they were still being set up.

Food, glorious food

And it was glorious too - a credit to old recipes and present day cooks

Here you could sample delights like Granny Doubleday’s Potted Meat, Sand Cake or Green Pea Sandwiches, to pick on three items which were made by men in the village for us. The items of food were displayed along with the recipes used. And this has led to a call for us to publish a recipe book – which could be a non-starter since many were already published recipes.

The bar, also, appeared to do a roaring trade during the interval. Our thanks to Chris and Aileen for running it.

There are too many people to thank so can we say a thank you to all those who attended and helped to make our Museum Miscellany a very special evening.

Another will be planned for next year!