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Our Silver Jubilee event last year was well received by a large audience who were keen to see more. So curator, Rog Frost has been hard at work preparing a new show for this year. The show takes place on Saturday September 17th in Market Lavington Community Hall. Tickets are just £5 each and the show will commence at 7.30pm. Of course, you can arrive earlier to get your drink from the bar which the Community Hall will run.

Rog says, ‘It is hard to be certain about timings for shows’.

This is because we do not know how many questions will be asked or what extra information might be given from the audience but the rough order of events will be:

  1. Military Matters – the parishes of Market Lavington and Easterton have a long history of military involvement. This section will consider the years between about 1880 and 1980.
  2. School Days – these days we all have to receive education. We’ll look at early education in the 1790s through to the 1970s. This will be the chance for locals to see photos of themselves as children or see their names on school registers as well as a chance to remember teachers from the past.
  3. Bricks – there is a long history of brick making in the parish and some of the brickworks buildings still survive. We’ll take a photographic trip through time to witness the rise and fall of the brick works.
  4. The Legend of the Dead Drummer – fact or fantasy, the tale is fascinating and gives us a chance to experience the loneliness of Salisbury Plain, within the parish of Market Lavington.
  5. Refreshment break – your ticket price includes food made according to recipe books we have in the village and there will be items for all, no matter what your needs.
  6. Shops and Services – through the medium of modern technology, the late Peggy Gye will tell us about her memories of local services, with a backdrop of appropriate photographs.
  7. Village worthies – meet some of the ordinary folks of the parish from all walks of life.
  8. Around Market Lavington – a photo tour through the village in times past.
  9. Phantasmagoria – a chance to see the entertainment of the 1860s using a mix of modern technology and our recently acquired Magic Lantern of a style called ‘phantasmagoria’. You can marvel at the animations which our village ancestors saw 150 years ago.

‘That’s the plan,’ says Rog, ‘but it may change.’

Some of the food at the 2010 event

The event promises to be every bit as interesting as last year so make sure of your ticket and come along.