Market Lavington Museum

The North Wilts Church Magazine – May 1882

Amongst our printed material artefacts at Market Lavington Museum, we have this rather tatty magazine.

That it has survived at all is quite remarkable as it is dated 1st May 1882, which makes it 140 years old on the day of publication of this blog entry. It cost one penny at a time when there were 240 pennies in a pound.

It is a Church Magazine for North Wiltshire and contains news from various churches. On this page we see Wilsford, Market Lavington, Collingbourne Ducis and Broad Hinton.

The Market Lavington report is about the annual vestry meeting, held on Easter Tuesday, which discussed finances, people standing as wardens (vicar’s, parish and waywardens) and accounts assessors. Dates were announced for various special services on Rogation Days, intercessions for home and foreign missions and for God’s blessing on the fruits of the earth.

Miss Welch was thanked for her valuable and gratuitous service as organist.

However, much of the article related to decisions about a bier, which we will look at next time.