Market Lavington Museum

The Painter Family

We have looked, before, on these pages at the sadly short reign of Sergeant Hillier as the police officer in Market Lavington. (click here)

Today, we take a brief look at Sergeant Painter who was resident officer at Market Lavington during much of World War II from 1941 to 1946. And particularly of his son, Howard.

Howard is seen here as a choir boy in 1941 – at St Mary’s, Market Lavington.

Howard Painter, Market Lavington choir boy in 1941

A bit of research reveals that Howard was born in the summer of 1927 and the birth was registered in the Devizes district. His mother’s maiden name was Baker.

Delving a little further we find that Walter H Painter married Louisa F I Baker during the summer of 1926 in the Swindon district.

Walter and Louisa had a daughter, Mary, in 1930.

Our second photo was taken about three years after the first and shows the family in 1944. Louisa and Sergeant Walter Painter are seated whilst their children, Howard and Mary stand behind.

The Painter Family at Market Lavington. Parents Louisa and Walter are seated with their children Howard and Mary behind.

We think Howard married in 1951, in the Marlborough area.

He gave these photos to the museum in 2007.

We’d love to know more about the Painters.

Perhaps Howard might read this and get in touch on