Market Lavington Museum

The Sainsbury Tree

Our large tree of very local members of the Sainsbury family measures some 8 feet (2.5 metres) long by 3 feet wide. To see it, we have to roll it out over our elephant chest and on to a display cabinet. The result can be a little untidy, as shown in the photo.

The Sainsbury tree at Market Lavington Museum spread over elephant chest and displays

This gift to Market Lavington Museum, came with conditions attached. The main condition is that, whilst visitors to the museum are welcome to come and copy chunks down, nothing is to be transmitted electronically.

The compiler of the tree is concerned for the privacy of others. No internet transmission is permitted.

Our curator is quite frequently asked for help from this tree. Obviously people in other parts of the world cannot easily visit the museum so perhaps we need to say that he can only help with Sainsbury family members from Market Lavington, including its former tithing and now a separate parish, Easterton. Inevitably some of the Sainsbury tribe were in other neighbouring parishes – West Lavington, the Cheverells and Urchfont. Market Lavington Museum may hold some details of such Sainsbury members but we only really deal in Market Lavington folk. It is unlikely we’ll have the time or the information to help researchers with Sainsbury family members from outside our parish.

We are always pleased to receive information as well. The Sainsbury family have been important at all levels of local society and any photos or other data would be welcomed.