Market Lavington Museum

The Shooting Party

Like it or loathe it, shooting is a part of country life. In past times, it was very much seen as a way of providing food for the table as well as ridding the countryside of animals that fancied the crops that people grew.

A shooting party at Knapp Farm - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This group of locals were photographed at the end of a days shooting. They are at Knapp Farm.

This photo dates from the 1920s and whilst we can only name one man it’s a fair bet that a number of the local farmers and businessmen are there.

Mr Seymour, a member of the shooting party and a Market Lavington cheese maker

The man who can be named is the fourth standing man from the left. He is Mr Seymour whose cheese making equipment featured in these pages a few days ago.

There seems to be a fine haul of both fur and feather to share out amongst the shooters.

Can anybody tell us who the other guns were?