Market Lavington Museum

The Silver Jubilee in Easterton

Today we are looking at another photograph which is new to Market Lavington Museum. The original picture is anything but new for it dates from 1935 and shows people in Easterton celebrating the Silver Jubilee of King George V.

1935 Silver Jubilee celebrations in Easterton, Wiltshire

These people are gathered outside what was once one of Easterton’s shops – the one opposite the junction with the road up to the village hall and the sands. It is clear that a celebration was happening, for there is a big bass drum and a cornet to make a noise with.

Musical instruments at the Easterton celebration. The picture can be found at Market Lavington Museum

The children had obviously been given jubilee beakers. Most can be seen grasping one of these items.

Note the children of Easterton holding their Jubilee beakers

Do contact us if you recognise any of the people in this photo

Sadly, we do not know the names of people in the photo. Perhaps an Easterton resident can help us with that.

We’d also love to see one of those Jubilee beakers. Maybe somebody who owns one would let us get a decent, modern photograph?

We say this quite frequently on these pages – everything in Market Lavington Museum is to do with the parish of Market Lavington as it is AND as it was. And that includes Easterton for it was a part of Market Lavington until the 1870s.