Market Lavington Museum

The Starita Players.

The Starita Players was the name given to a local Amateur Dramatics group. They feature in a number of Market Lavington Museum photos, sometimes in costume and at other times in normal clothes. This photo dates from 1944 – during the Second World War. This might explain why there were many more women than men.

This photo was a gift, to the museum, from Mrs Vear who appears on the photo under her maiden name. Mrs Vear has done a fine job of captioning the photo. Would that we were all so thorough.

The Starita Players in 1944 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

On this photo the people are:

Back row from left to right

Middle row from left to right

Front row from left to right

As ever, we’d like information at the museum. Anything you can share with us about these people is information we can then share with others. So do get in touch if you can tell us anything about these amateur thespians.