Market Lavington Museum

The toy boats again

Twelve years ago, we featured two Toy Boats that date from 1850 and 1880 and would have been used on Broadwell in Market Lavington. We have no more information about them now than we had then. They are similar in shape and quite basic in design.

However, on closer inspection, they do have several features that cause us to wonder whether they once had sails or strings to pull them with.

This is a close up of the stern of the brown boat. What could those slots have been for?

We imagine the hole near the prow was for a towing string …

… but what were the rows of eyelets along the sides for?

The older, green, boat has fewer unexplained features – just a small piece of metal at the stern, maybe for a string to stop the boat from drifting away.

We will probably never know the answers, but how lovely that these children’s toys are still with us after well over a hundred years.