Market Lavington Museum

The Webbs of Market Lavington and Easterton

Family researchers contact the curator regularly. This is a good thing for both the researcher, who can get help with local knowledge and also for the museum who can learn more about families, and, perhaps, receive photos and artefacts.

Jim contacted last year and here’s an extract from his email.

My main research has been with the Webb family, who left Lavington in the late 1870s to come up to London for work. My Great Grandfather Thomas Richard brought the whole family up with him. See attached picture of Thomas Richard Webb taken after his arrival in London. He was born in Market Lavington in 1846.

Former Market Lavington man, Thomas Richard Webb

Jim not only sent the photo of his great grandfather, but also copies of certificates which told us more about the family.

He also added the following.

The other photo is of aunt Edith’s cottage, She was born Edith Webb born in Lavington circa 1873 She married and moved away, but returned to this cottage in Easterton on retirement. It still had a thatched roof, an outside loo and a well in the garden when I last visited in the mid 1950s, but I understand it has been modernized now.

Aunt Edith (née) Webb's cottage in Easterton

Records tell us that Edith Mary Webb was born in the Devizes district but had moved away to Woolwich, with the family, by the time of the 1881 census. After that the scent goes cold.

The scent is also cold on the Easterton cottage. It has not been located. Can you help with that, or help us know who Aunt Edith was. If so do contact the curator.