Market Lavington Museum

The Weekly Wash at Market Lavington Museum

This year Market Lavington Museum has a display of ‘drying’ clothes in the kitchen area. Items of underwear have been placed on an airer near the kitchen range.

Victorian and other knickers at Market Lavington Museum

The items are very mixed in age. From the mid Victorian era we have a pair of ‘free trader’ knickers and from later in the nineteenth century there’s a pair of ‘trap door’ knickers.

Moving into the twentieth century, we have a pair of silk knickers from the 1940s and a set of artificial silk knickers and camisole from a similar era. A silk brassiere also dates from the 1940s.

Finally, a pair of nylon knickers is more 1950s in era.

This is a good opportunity to see how styles changed over a period of about 100 years. All items of clothing have a connection with Market Lavington parish which included Easterton.