Market Lavington Museum

The Wildlife Book

You may recall that we decided, at Market Lavington Museum, to keep a record of current wildlife in the parishes of Market Lavington and Easterton. So far this has just been animal wildlife and we have a pleasing collection of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates, all of which have been spotted within the parishes.

A couple of days ago our curator spotted such a fine collection of shaggy ink cap – a wild mushroom or fungus – that he couldn’t resist a photo and a decision to have a plant section in the book.

Shaggy ink cap – found by the roadside at Northbrook, Market Lavington

If you would like to offer any photos for this recording of species found in the parish then please send (ideally email – a copy of the photo to the curator.

The plant or animal must be in the wild and must be within the parishes of Market Lavington and Easterton. We’d like to build a good record of the abundant wildlife found in this area.

Please note that we are not an identification service – in fact often we’d need you to tell us what the picture is of.

Winter months are often a good time to photograph wild animals for, as food becomes scarcer for them, the animals have to venture closer to we humans.