Market Lavington Museum

Thomas Stobbart

The name Stobbart, or Stobbert, is still familiar to Market Lavington residents as the little road alongside the former congregational chapel is called Stobberts Road. We have also visited this area in Stobbarts Row – Then and even longer ago.

But where does the name come from? Jack Welch’s village history gives us some information. We are told that Thomas Stobbart erected the house known as Ivy Lodge, more or less opposite Stobbarts Row or Road, in 1820 and lived there until he died in 1860. The house passed to his widow Sarah and then his niece together with the six cottages on Stobbarts Row.

Thomas Stobbart also owned ten acres of land nearby in Fiddington Clay and that was inherited by Jack Welch’s grandmother after the death of Mrs Stobbart.

Jack divulged more interesting information about Thomas Stobbart, which we will consider next time.