Market Lavington Museum

Three little sale plots

At one time, the owner of Market Lavington Manor had owned much of the village, renting out homes, farms and fields to many tenants. However, at about the time of the first world war, much of this property was put up for sale in various auctions. We have already seen lots one to five in Lot 1 – sold to Alfie Alexander, Grove Farm for sale – 1916 and Lot 5 sold at the 1916 auction sale. The next three lots at that sale at

were small plots of land.

We see from the map that lot 6 was somewhere near where the bottom of Canada Rise is situated now.

We learn from the brochure that there had been a cottage on this plot formerly but, at the time of the sale, it was just garden land. It was on the corner of Beech Wood, on the edge of what is now the Grove Farm estate. At the time of the sale, Mr Cooper was renting it for 4s.6d a year, but the handwritten note suggests that is was bought by Mr J King for £3.

Northbrook Lane, now called Northbrook, had a lot of cottages built alongside it, but lot 7, a little north of the Northbrook stream, appears to have just been land. It had been rented by J Welch (possibly James Welch – a fine Victorian Gentleman) or his son Jack, for 10 shillings a year and was bought by the tenant for £11. (The Welch family owned quite a few houses in the village.)

Also on Northbrook was a very small patch of land, to the east of the lane. Again, it was where a cottage once stood. That one had been lived in by an Ann Oram. This plot, lot 8, sold for £1 to Mr J King in 1916.