Market Lavington Museum

Time restored

At Market Lavington Museum we are fortunate in having a large collection of photographs and postcards, many of which provide a visual reminder of local history.

This postcard of St Mary’s Church dates from the 1960s.

High up on the church tower we can see the diamond shape of the clock. In 1961 clock restoration work was required.

Our photograph of the clock face at ground level gives a much clearer impression of the size of it and provides an image of the daunting task of getting it back into its lofty position.

There appears to be some scaffolding in place for this purpose, but it seems that it was hauled up on a rope, presumably pulled by someone at the top of the tower. The tall ladder would have provided some support to prevent it from swinging around and getting damaged. We imagine one of the workmen would have followed it up by ladder, in order to fasten it in place and fit the hands.

The vicar, at the left of the picture, was the Reverend Daunford Davis.