Market Lavington Museum

Tom Haines – Town Crier

We have seen Tom, and his wife Milla, before on these pages. Today’s interesting photo shows Tom making a proclamation on White Street, just near Broadwell.

Tom Haines, Market Lavington town crier, making a proclamation in White Street, 1934.

Tom makes a fine sight, dressed up in his town crier garb and ringing his bell.

Tom Haines - and isn't that Thomas Moody behind the bell?

This can bring us to other people in the photo. We are fairly confident that the bearded man, behind Tom’s bell is another Tom – Tom Moody. You can click here to read about him.

A copy of this photo can be found in Sybil Perry’s book of memories. She identifies two people in the picture (apart from Tom Haines) and gives a date of 1934.

The first of Sybil’s identified person is Sybil herself. Back in 1934 she was Miss Sybil Brown.

Sybil Brown, later Sybil Perry is the girl amongst the men.

That’s Sybil – the rose amongst the thorns. Maybe some of those men could be identified. We wonder if the pipe smoker might be Shep Perry.

Sybil’s grandmother, Mrs Smith, is also in the photo.

Mary Jane Smith was Sybil Perry's grandmother.

Mary Jane was the wife of pond maker, Charles Smith and they have featured on this blog in the past (click here).