Market Lavington Museum

Vegetable pounders

At Market Lavington Museum we have three similar wooden kitchen utensils.

We have them described as vegetable pounders, but presume they could have been used for various kitchen jobs. They all date from the early twentieth century and are 13, 14 and 16 cm in diameter and vary from 12.5, 18 and 24 cm in length. They all have curved bases, so are similar to darning mushrooms in design.

They could have been used for squashing the juice out of soft fruit or for squeezing excess water from cooked cabbage.

Certainly in the 1950s, it was deemed important not to serve soggy cabbage. We are aware of a variation on these wooden tools – an aluminium cabbage press – though this is not part of our museum collection.

Maybe our readers are aware of other tasks that wooden kitchen pounders were used for.