Market Lavington Museum

Village activities in 1958 and1984

When Rowena Campbell Trigger had to research Market Lavington for her 1958 teaching practice work, she was required to find out about local amenities and activities.

This was her list produced in answer to the questions above.

The essays on My Bit of Wiltshire in the Darby and Joan Club booklet were written in 1984. Vera Shergold and Eva Kirby both gave an overview of some of the clubs and activities on offer in Market Lavington in that year. Vera just mentioned the activities she was involved with – the Women’s Institute, the Darby and Joan Club and the Homely. Eva gave more details of the range of activities on offer to adults and children.

Many of these activities are still on offer, such as the Women’s Institute, the churches, scouting and guiding groups, playschool, bell ringing and football. Some, we think, no longer take place in Market Lavington, such as the Old Comrades and the youth club. Other clubs, not mentioned in our 1958 and 1984 sources, are available now, many in our modern Community Hall. These include the Monday Club, table tennis, a community choir and Qigong.

We would really welcome an up to date account of all that Market Lavington has on offer nowadays. This would be a useful addition to our museum collection. The museum covers Easterton too. Perhaps one of our readers could supply a list of the activities on offer there, too.

Over to you, local readers of the museum blog!