Market Lavington Museum

Violet and Prince

What we call a genealogy page is something we do from time to time on this blog. Those are the posts where we select a local inhabitant and write a brief biography of the person concerned.

We are rather short of information concerning today’s characters, Violet and Prince. We don’t know when or where they were born, how or if they are related and we know nothing regarding their parentage or ancestry. We know nothing about when they arrived in Market Lavington, nor on when they left or if they reached the ends of their lives here.

We do know that the couple worked for the Gye family of Homestead Farm on what is now Drove Lane in Market Lavington. So the boss would have been James Gye whose daughter, Betty now lives in Devizes. We are not even sure of the date of our photo. It is probably in the 1940s.

Violet and Prince – shire horses working at Homestead Farm in Market Lavington.

Violet and Prince were horses that worked the land up there on the sands of Market Lavington. They look to be a fairly well matched pair of shire horses.

Now come on! They look absolutely lovely and serve to remind us that the horse was still a major force in agriculture within the living memory of older folk.

The person half hidden by Violet could be James Gye. He is standing behind what looks to be a sack filled with potatoes.