Market Lavington Museum

What is this?

We like to think that our museum record cards will give us information about our artefacts, such as who owned it, how old it is and what it was used for. This item is described as a wooden utensil, with a circular hole and a knob in its handle. It is 33cm long. It does not appear to have been used.

We hope that one of our readers might post us a comment, telling us what it is.

Our only thought is that it is a bit like this, which is not a museum object.

This one is a jam making ‘spoon’. We wonder if the museum utensil was made for stirring jam, getting into the corners of the pan. Maybe the knob was to rest on the pan rim, preventing the tool from slipping int the jam.

Now this is all surmise. Do let us know if you have some knowledge or a better idea.