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Where were Lock’s Sands?

The auction sale of some of the Market Lavington Manor land and properties in 1916, included various parcels of land in the Northbrook area of the village. The geology here is greensand and this is noted in the names of the fields for sale.

We have already seen that lots 10-12 were called the workhouse allotments and didn’t find a buyer at the auction. Greensand is light, easy to cultivate and this northern part of the village was well suited for use as allotments and for market gardening.

Lot 13, also let as allotments, was called Little Sands. It didn’t sell either.

Lot 14, just across the track from where in 1952 One man built a bungalow, was up for sale in 1916 as

Not far away was the larger lot 15, which did sell, to a Mr Drewitt.

So our photograph in the previous blog was of Lock’s Sands, two of the auction lots were Lock’s Sand and Locks Great Sands and Ron Kimmer later built Locksands Farm in the area.

We would welcome any information explaining these names. Did the area formerly belong to someone called Mr Lock? We would love to hear from anyone with knowledge about this.