Market Lavington Museum

Who was E E H?

Fabric items are a strength at Market Lavington Museum. For conservation reasons, much of our collection is safely stored in boxes and items appear on display for one season when they help to get a message across. But the semi-hidden nature of these items does not make them less interesting or less an essential part of our collection. Visitors are always welcome to ask to see these items.

However, there are times when we wish we knew more – and here is one of them.

Table centre dating from about 1920 at Market Lavington Museum

What we know of this item is that there is a square of white linen with a crocheted border and an open work centre. Overall, it is just off square, being 20 centimetres by 19. We think it dates from around 1920 and that it may have been used as a table centre.

The item has been in the museum since it opened in 1985 and was a part of Peggy Gye’s personal collection before then. Peggy had been keeping items from the village’s past since the 1950s. Probably, by 1985, she had no idea just where she acquired this lovely piece of work.

But now we can use the power of the world wide web to ask, ‘Who was E E H?’ Who knows, we might receive a Christmas present in the form of an answer to that question.