Market Lavington Museum

Who, where and When?

A Charabanc Trip

Today we have a real request for help. We have a collection of nine photographs of charabanc outings which were given to the museum back in 1985, when we opened. The information given with the photos said they were all trips by the Lavington and Devizes motor company in the 1920s. The headquarters of this substantial business were in Market Lavington. But, except for a couple of recognised drivers, our information ends there.

We can take guesses. The photos were probably taken in Salisbury where enterprising photographers were able to have prints for sale when a trip returned from a day at the seaside. We can also guess that drivers were local men.

But now over to you. Can you tell us anything about this charabanc, or the people travelling? Please email the curator if you have any ideas.


Now the images.

Charabanc from Market Lavington with passengers and driver. They are probably in Salisbury – early 1920s