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William George Elisha

The best known Elisha in Market Lavington was probably ‘Mrs Elisha’. She was the village infant teacher from the 1920s to the 1970s and she could still be found doing occasional supply teaching into the 1980s. But Mrs Elisha was, of course a Miss May Potter by birth.

Her husband, Bill Elisha was almost as well known. He had a very long term involvement with the local football club (hence the village playing field being named after him) and was, at times, chairman of the Parish Council.

It is his father, William George Elisha, we concentrate on today.

William George was born in Reading in about 1866 and he lived in the Reading area for the first 44 years of his life. It was there that he learned his trade as a tailor. It was also in the Reading area that he married Kate Burrows, the couple having two children. Emily Gladys was born around 1899 and William Edward in about 1902.

Kate’s death was recorded in the Reading district in 1910 and in 1911 we find William George with his children at 7, High Street, Market Lavington. William George made a common error on his 1911 census form and recorded the number of children born to his late wife so we know there was a third child who died. We have done no further research to identify that child.

William George may have struggled to cope with running his business and raising his two children, but by the end of 1911 he had re-married. His new wife was Sarah Anne Davis. They married in the Salisbury area.

William George Elisha died in 1924 and is buried in Market Lavington churchyard.

Emily Gladys, his daughter, married William S Mundy in 1920. William was the son of Emma Mundy – a Market Lavington grocer. They had two daughters in the early 1920s – their births were registered in the Devizes district but they did not live in Market Lavington.

And William Edward (Bill) Elisha, of course, married Helena May Potter in 1929 and this couple, who had no children, devoted their lives to the service of Market Lavington.

Recent visitors to the museum brought a photo of William George and family and here it is.

William george Elisha and family. William was a tailor in Market Lavington from 1911 to 1924.

William George Elisha and family. William was a tailor in Market Lavington from 1911 to 1924.


Sorry! The copy our visitors had was not very good quality, but we can see William George with his two children – Gladys and Bill. But who is the wife? We are not certain if that is Kate or Mary Anne.

Maybe a reader can enlighten us.

Mary Anne died in the 1940s and is also buried in Market Lavington churchyard, but her address was given as in Devizes.