Market Lavington Museum

William Thomas Gye Confirmation

Sadly, the ‘church and religion’ have been squeezed out of the Museum Miscellany, our Silver Jubilee event next Saturday. There is just too much to include everything – but never mind, there is always next time.

Today we feature one of the items there just won’t be time for – the card telling William Thomas Gye when his confirmation was to be, way back in 1896.

Confirmation appointment card for William Thomas Gye - at Market Lavington Museum

 William Thomas Gye was born around 1879. He was the son of James Gye, a wheelwright and carpenter and his wife, Mary Ann. These Gyes came from the Fiddington Clays area.

William went on to marry his wife, Rosa, in 1905. They lived and worked at Homestead Farm. There has been a display about Homestead Farm in the museum this year.

At least one descendant of William Thomas still lives in the area and is a very good friend of the museum.

The vicar was Edward B Cokayne Frith and he has featured before on this blog.