Market Lavington Museum

Work at West Down Camp

In our previous blog post, we mentioned that the Boys Journal of 1863, predated our part of Salisbury Plain being cleared for use as an Army training area. However, at Market Lavington Museum we have photos and other artefacts reflecting the takeover of this land by the military by the early 20th century.

The Gye family were a firm of builders, wheelwrights and undertakers in Market Lavington and we have a letter from 1903, referring to work they had carried out at West Down Camp, near Tilshead, just a few miles south of our village.

It would appear that the firm had completed their work at West Down South Camp and had submitted their bill twice but, by 11th August had not yet been paid.

The Gye’s had paid their labour and haulage costs and were requesting a speedy settlement of their customer’s debt.