Market Lavington Museum

Workman’s Hall china

From time to time we show a little of our crockery which was made for use in the Workman’s Hall. This facility opened in 1865 and the large variety of china ware dates from them.

Today we can see what might be mustard pots, or something similar.

Lavington Workman's Hall mustard pot from 1865

Lavington Workman’s Hall mustard pot from 1865

There we see one pot with the motif used on all of the crockery.

Here we see the slot in the lid for a spoon. We guess that at one time there’d have been a small, matching china spoon.

Slot for a spoon. Sadly we have no spoon

Slot for a spoon. Sadly we have no spoon

These pots also have a handle.

A carrying handle

A carrying handle

These lovely items are now all but 150 years old and are on display in our kitchen room.

There is much more of the crockery – some on display and some safely stored.

The Workman’s Hall was a temperance institution, but non-drinkers were very capable of being first rate trenchermen!