Market Lavington Museum

Young visitors are welcome at the museum

Earlier this afternoon our curator and the steward on duty were chatting happily with a couple of visitors when two youngsters dressed in the uniform of a local primary school turned up at the museum. The curator knew one of the two and also his parents. They live very close to the museum.

‘Can we come in?’ they asked.

It was well after our closing time but that is not something we worry about. ‘Yes, of course you can,’ we said.

‘Do we have to pay?’ they asked.

We were pleased to say our museum is free to enter. Of course, we rely on donations to pay the running costs, but we told them nothing of that – only that it was free.

They spent time looking round. And then signed the visitors book.

We are delighted to have such enthusiastic and delightful youngsters on our doorstep. You are welcome to come as often as you like.