Market Lavington Museum

A boot brush

Boot and shoe brushes have been very commonplace objects for aeons. Every household had them and most still do. At Market Lavington Museum we have one we class as special for it names the shop that sold it on the back.

A M Walton boot brush at Market Lavington Museum

A M Walton boot brush at Market Lavington Museum

It is clearly marked:

The Supply Stores.
Market Lavington.
M. Walton, Proprietor

With coloured items they can often be easier to read in monochrome


For all locals this lifts this brush right out of the ordinary and into the very special category. All of our museum volunteers are delighted to have this lovely survivor.

We have met Arthur Walton before and know he came to Market Lavington towards the end of the 19th century and ran the department store which occupied the corner of High Street and White Street. Part of this is now the hairdresser’s shop. Mr Walton also had the corner of White Street and Church Street part of which is where St. Arbucks, the coffee shop is now.

Mr Walton stayed with this business until the 1930s. We believe it ran into financial difficulties and closed down. Mr and Mrs Walton moved away.

The brush dates from the 1920s so is now getting into its 90s. You can see it with our display of shoe goods in the trades room at the museum.