Market Lavington Museum

A cut throat or two

Sorry! There’s hopefully no blood and gore here for what we are looking at is a pair of old cut-throat razors and a sharpening stone for them.

1920s razors and sharpening stone used by the Gale family of Market Lavington

These days, people shave with multiblade safety razors so that even with an accidental nick of the skin, it causes only a minor injury, or, of course, electric razors can be used. The original throw away blade razors date from 1903. Electric razors were first made in the 1930s. Many people used the old straight or cut throat razor long after the invention of the safer alternatives.

In fact, the razors here date from the 1920s. Clearly, the blades are not stainless steel. That didn’t really come into use for razor blades until about 1960.

These razors were used by members of the Gale family of Market Lavington. They probably found a re-sharpenable blade cheaper in the long run than the throw-away safety blade.