Market Lavington Museum

A Dance at Lavington School

This blog entry is very much a request for help. We have, in our collection at Market Lavington Museum, this ticket.

Ticket for a dance at Lavington School, possibly in 1972.

All we know about the ticket is what it says on it – that the Lavington School Parents Society ran a family social and dance, at the school, on Friday October 20th at 8pm. We know that dancing was to Vic Jones and his music and that tickets cost either 15p or 35p to include refreshments.

We can take a guess as to the year and we think it was 1972. The 20th October was a Friday in that year. 1978 would be the next possible year but the ticket price sounds very cheap so we favour 1972. It cannot have been before 1971 since the price is given in decimal currency.

We know nothing of Vic Jones and his Music. Can anybody tell us where they came from? Maybe somebody at the event can tell us something about it. Do, please, get in touch.