Market Lavington Museum

A milk churn label

At the recent Easterton Show a visitor arrived at the museum stall with a donation for us. It’s a brass label that was once attached to a milk churn. It gives the name of the owner and of his local Railway station which was, of course Lavington.

A milk churn label found at Ducks Farm in Eastcott

A milk churn label found at Ducks Farm in Eastcott

Let’s first deal with the finding. This item was dug up at Ducks farm in Eastcott. How or why it should have got there we don’t know, but there it was, in the parish of Easterton.

Lavington Station needs no introduction here. It was sited in Littleton Panell but was the railway station for all of the Lavington area. It should be noted that the Great Western Railway avoided confusion with other Lavingtons by calling our local train stop Lavington Wilts.

And now to E Bazell? Just who was he? Well, it is an unusual name and a quick hunt through on-line censuses provides the answer.

Edmund Bazell was born in about 1873 at Wyke in Dorset. His father was a farmer. Before the 1891 census the whole family moved to Little Cheverell and in 1897 Edmund married Annetta Butcher whose family farmed in West Lavington.

On the 1901 census we find that Edmund was listed at the farmer at Becketts Farm. This would have been close to Lavington Station.

In 1911 the Bazell family were at Glebe Farm which Edmund says is in Little Cheverell. Lavington would still have been the local station.

Annetta, his wife has a local connection for her grandmother was Mary Jane Gye who was born in the Fiddington area and was a distant relation of our Peggy who founded the museum.

So what a grand addition to our collection of local artefacts – a memory of the now vanished milk churn.