Market Lavington Museum

A trip to Weymouth

Market Lavington Museum is exclusively about the parish of Market Lavington, past and present. This includes Easterton, Fiddington, Gore and the Russell Mill area as well as what we now know as Market Lavington. But Weymouth, on the Dorset Coast? Surely not.

Well, actually, yes, for whilst Weymouth may be some 50 miles away, as the crow flies or some 70 miles away by road, people can move. In 1925 the Congregational Church had a day out in Weymouth and our photo shows the group on the beach.

Members of Market Lavington's Congregational Church on Weymouth Beach in 1925

Mostly, people look very proper. The men wear their jackets, ties and caps. The women are suitably covered and wear hats. Children had a bit more freedom with shorts or short dresses and one lass appears to have tucked her dress into her knickers.

We know little of this trip. One suspects the journey was made in one or more of Fred Sayer’s charabancs for that was a local, Market Lavington company and there were links between that company and the Congregational Church. But possibly the journey was made by train from Lavington Station with a change at Westbury or Castle Cary for the Weymouth line.

We do not have names of people either, but maybe somebody out there will recognise some of the people. Here’s a close up on some of the children who don’t look totally happy.

A close up on some of the children on the trip

Do get in touch if you can give us any information about this trip.