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Easterton Shop in the 1930s

This photo was sent to us by a descendant of the man in the photo.

Easterton shop in the 1930s

Easterton shop in the 1930s

She writes, ‘Easterton Post Office and stores with my father, as a young man, standing outside the shop door. Sometime in 1930’s I guess. He was born in 1916.’

The man is Robert (Bob) Godfrey and the sharp eyed will note that name on the side of the shop. We have stretched it out here to make it more readable.

Easterton's ghost sign was clear and up to date back then

Easterton’s ghost sign was clear and up to date back then

Godfrey’s Cash Stores. Refreshments provided. Simple and to the point.

Bob Godfrey’s father was Robin Godfrey and he ran the shop and Post Office at these premises from the 1920s to 1940. Robin was not a local man by birth but he married a local lass, Lilian Smith.

What a lovely photo and a reminder of Easterton’s vanishing ghost sign – as paint wears away older signs are revealed!