Market Lavington Museum

Hat Pins

At Market Lavington Museum we have a number of hat pins, which were once vital fashion accessories. Hat pins have been made since the 1600s but their 100-year heyday was from about 1850 through to 1950.

This collection has been on display, along with hats, for some years. They date from about the 1890s to the 1930s.

Hat pins at Market Lavington Museum

One, which we think, is interesting dates from the 1920s and the pin head is in the shape of a golf club. It must have belonged to a lady golfer who wished to look the part.

Hat pin with a golf club head

Another pin, which dates from around the start of the twentieth century has a pin head made of faceted glass – very stylish and decorative.

Faceted glass head to a hat pin

As for almost any topic, there is a huge history to be uncovered and discovered. But The Hat Pin Society of Great Britain has done the task very thoroughly. Why not visit their website at to discover more.