Market Lavington Museum

Lard Cakes

Yesterday we looked at one of Lucretia Gye’s hand written recipes. Today we look at another recipe which you might be able to try at our Museum Miscellany which takes place in the Community Hall in Market Lavington at 7.30pm on 17th September. Today’s recipe comes from a published book called ‘Modern Practical Cookery’ – a book which was owned by Flo Burbidge.

Flo was born in our museum building in 1908 so it is wholly appropriate that her book has come home and can be seen at the museum. Flo lived at the museum building until she married in 1940, becoming Mrs Albert Shore. The couple continued to live in the village after their marriage and Flo was at the official opening of the museum in 1985.

But back to the chosen recipe for something that sounds like a Wiltshire speciality – lard cakes.

Recipe for lard cakes from Flo Burbidge's copy of Modern Practical Cookery. The book is at Market Lavington Museum

The instruction which might baffle many a cook is the one about washing the raisins and removing the stones from them. These days we are all fully used to ready prepared dried fruit coming in neat plastic bags from the supermarket. How different it must have been then, with a long and fiddly job preparing each raisin.

We are sure our lard cakes at the ‘Miscellany’ will be fully stone free. Why not come and enjoy the talk and slides – all different from last year – and enjoy village food at its best in the interval.