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License to Slaughter

Life used to be more ‘in the raw’ than it is these days. At any rate in rural areas food production was local in all aspects. The premises behind the butcher’s shop were used as a slaughter-house. Locals must have got used to the sight of live animals arriving at the premises and then of the sights, sounds and smells of the slaughtering business.

But premises used to slaughter meat for public consumption required a license and that required renewing regularly. Here is one of Butcher Doubleday’s licenses for the year 1925.

Slaughter-house license for Mr Doubleday's premises - 1925

Slaughter-house license for Mr Doubleday’s premises – 1925

This, of course, was for the premises more or less opposite the Market Place. It remains a butchery business but slaughtering is done elsewhere.

Interesting that this was in use as a slaughter-house and not as a knacker’s yard.

This may be seen as a bit gruesome, but that doesn’t stop it being a part of our village history.