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Mabel Sayer – property owner

Mabel Sayer, the lady who dresses up for carnivals, we know but we were not aware, until some old documents were recently given to us, that Mabel was a property owner in her own right.

This conveyance has recently arrived at the museum.

Front page of conveyance - Mabel Sayer buys a cottage

Front page of conveyance – Mabel Sayer buys a cottage

Legal documents tend to be a nightmare to read but this one starts:

This conveyance is made the twenty sixth day of May one thousand nine hundred and twenty six between William John Mann solicitor and Harry Victor Case bacon curer both of Trowbridge in the county of wilts hereinafter called ‘the vendors’ of the one part and Mabel Sayer the wife of Frederick Herbert Sayer of Market Lavington in the said county of Wilts hereinafter called ‘the purchaser’ of the other part

The property was a cottage near the old Independent Chapel on High Street which looks to have had a Mrs Potter as a tenant and others had right of entry to use the well.

Fred Sayer, Mabel’s husband had run the bus company locally. Both of the Sayers were well known locally. We imagine that at this time they had money to invest. No doubt there were potential advantages in having investments in Mrs Sayer’s name.