Market Lavington Museum

Market Lavington Coronation Band in 1937

No matter where we are, we all love a reason to celebrate and the coronation of King George VI, on May 12th 1937, provided just such an occasion. Perhaps it was a really special time, for it enabled the country to get over the crisis created by the abdication of Edward VIII the previous year.

In Market Lavington, a group of people formed the Coronation Band, adopting a range of weird and wonderful costumes for the occasion.

The Coronation Band of 1937 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This photo has been reasonably well recorded.

In the back row we have:-

Alan Baker, Ken Buckland, Cliff Case, Fred Shepherd (Jean Mundy and Geo Davis peeping from behind), Jim Cooper, Bob Hobbs, Les Baker, Bert Cooper, Bob Drury and Stanley Davis.

In the front row:-

Ern Razey, Mervyn Hobbs, Charlie Davis, Peter Francis, Tom Ingram and John Drury.

In the left corner:-

Dickie Baker, Jack Bolton, Bob Bolton and Michael Baker.

There’s a limit to picture size shown on a blog, but by zooming in we can see that faces are clearly visible and easy to recognise.

A close up on some band members

As ever, we’d love to know more about the people shown in this picture. If you can help then please contact the curator.